Telemetry & Data Logging

We can deploy technology and support services for all manner of systems such as simple level monitoring, data logging applications, remote web camera applications to large corporate telemetry architecture across vast geographical areas.

With constant training and assessment of appropriate technology and associated instrumentation ensures our continued understanding of the issues and developments within the Telemetry and Data Acquisition market allowing us to advise on the most suitable solution from ‘sensor to screen’.

With the added benefit of being able to provide complete feasibility and survey studies, in-house production and assembly, electrical and instrumentation / sensor installation & calibration services, we can provide the complete one-stop solution for all your Telemetry and Data Logging requirements

Utilising our Industry knowledge and expertise, we can provide ‘off the shelf” solutions or individual bespoke systems incorporating hardware and ‘Top-End’ software developed to suit particular applications.

Our ability to provide through our partners, Design, Installation, Commissioning, Configuration and complete Maintenance support coupled with our other core service provision areas enforces our ‘One-Stop’ shop approach where customers can feel confident in the full scope of supply from field level instrumentation to high level secured web based data hosting and visualisation.

Typical applications include:

  • Remote data capture / logging for low I/O count applications
  • Complete corporate Data Acquisition systems
  • Control / Visualisation of process activity
  • Vendor Managed Inventory / Supply Chain Management solutions
  • Monitoring solutions for compliance or Audit trail purposes
  • Remote Plant monitoring
  • Early Warning systems