Conventional, Intelligent and Withdrawable Motor Control Centres (MCC's)

Conventional Motor Control Centres

Motor Control Centres (MCC’s) are used to centralise the distribution of power and control to motors in the process industries. We generally provide enclosures which are full height (over 2m) and contain an ASTA/KEMA certified Fault Rated Busbar system, are segregated to Form 4 of BS EN 61439-1.
All our Motor Control Centres comply with BS EN 61439-2.

Intelligent Motor Control Centres

Intelligent Motor Control Centres (MCC’s) are generally built like conventional MCC’s but with three important differences:

  • Control is achieved through a microprocessor-based system.
  • Network technology is used to replace hard wiring (Profibus, DeviceNet or Ethernet)
  • Some degree of enhanced diagnostic or protective functionality is included.

All our Motor Control Centres comply with BS EN 61439-2.

Withdrawable Motor Control Centres

Withdrawable Motor Control Centres are used where space is at a premium or where downtime is directly related to loss and there is a requirement for fast repair. Availability of switchgear is increased because it is possible to rapidly replace defective equipment with an identical spare one.

Busbar systems are rated and certified up to 690V AC as standard but are usually connected to a typical LV network of 400V 3 Phase nominal. Neutrals are normally fully rated. Specialised voltages may also be used on some plants or offshore platforms.
Busbars can be supplied up to 6300A, at 25kA/1s, 50kA/1s, 50kA/3s, 80kA/1s and 100kA/1s. All systems are Impulse tested at 8kV

Busbar Bridges
Corner Sections – inside & out
Transformer Housings
Back to Back boards
Busduct connections

Form 1 through to Form 4, Type 1 to Type 7. Top and bottom cable entry. (ACB’s normally bottom entry but can supplied for top entry)
Front or rear cable access

All the metalwork and busbars systems for our comprehensive range of Motor Control Centres and Switchboards are manufactured for us by ROLLA Limited, a manufacturer of high quality Motor Control Centres & Distribution enclosures.