Control Panels - Transformer / Generator Protection, Electrical Supply or Hazardous Areas

Control Panels - Overview

Control panels generally provide circuit control via relays or through a microprocessor-based system, monitoring and/or supervision of equipment. Control panels can incorporate instrumentation, control switches and indicator lights or graphic terminals. Like Motor Control Centres, Control panels can also be used to accommodate motor power circuits, variable speed drives and distribution circuits.

All control panels are manufactured in accordance with BS EN 61439-2.

Transformer / Generator Panels

All protection and control panels are manufactured in accordance with BS EN 61439-2. TCS has vast experience of protection and control systems.

TCS can implement circuits for transformers, generators, busbars and electrical machines which are associated with protection.
The protection installed on an industrial power system has to cope with more difficult conditions than the protection of any other kind of power system.
Variable fault levels, altering switching arrangements and large motors may all impact on the protection relays fitted and settings required. Conventional (electromechanical and static) relays have been used successfully for separate protection functions and in more recent years micro-processor based multifunctional relays are becoming universally popular as they provide almost unlimited flexibility in protection applications.

Typical relay device numbers and functions previously supplied by TCS:

  • 25 Check synchronisation
  • 27 Undervoltage
  • 32 Directional Power
  • 40 Field Failure
  • 49 Thermal
  • 50 Instantaneous overcurrent
  • 51 AC timed Overcurrent
  • 59 Overvoltage
  • 64 Earth Fault
  • 74 Alarm
  • 81 Frequency
  • 86 Lock out or trip
  • 87 Differential

Once the protection requirements have been defined it is necessary to ensure that the correct switching devices are used for the application and that they are reliably opened, closed and tripped. Simplicity in design is vital to the reliability of a control circuit as usually the tripping circuit may operate only once, and then at a time where conditions are abnormal, and therefore there must be no risk of failure. Usually on a DC UPS supply, this may be a simple case of an IDMT relay tripping its own suitably rated circuit breaker or may involve complex inter-tripping or auto re-closing schemes. TCS can assist in the development of such varying complexity control schemes. TCS can supply Power Transformers (in package substation format if required), size and supply UPS systems, fit trip circuit supervision relays and implement pilot wire systems as well as many other protection and control devices.

Relays types previously used:

  • GEC Midos
  • Alstom Micom
  • Multilin SR range
  • Reyrolle
  • CEE
  • ABB

Electrical Supply Industry Panels

All control panels built to ESI Standards comply with BS EN 61439-2.

TCS have supplied panels built to ESI standards for over 25 years to the majority of local area supply companies, power generators and transformer manufacturers.

Our outdoor panels have been installed throughout the world in locations ranging in ambient temperature from -50°C to +40°C. Seismically tested panels can also be provided.

These panels have to work reliably in some of the worlds most inhospitable areas controlling electricity supplies and protecting transformers 24 hours a day.

We can supply:

  • Marshalling Kiosks
  • Tank Mounted Kiosks
  • Tap-change control panels
  • Indoor substation control panels

Hazardous Area Control Panels

All control panels built for hazardous areas comply with BS EN 61439-2.

Hazardous area protection is based on the use of certified equipment and housing or purged cabinet techniques specifically designed to meet the customers requirements.

We manufacture three types of control panels associated with hazardous areas:

  • Control panels located in a safe area, containing barriers to interface with equipment located in a hazardous area.
  • Control panels manufactured in accordance with BSEN60079-0, type pf Protection ‘n’ (Zone 2 certified)
  • Air purged enclosures, where from simple wall mounting control panels up to control rooms containing double air locks can be supplied. These can be supplied for Zone 1 or Class I Div 1

We have supplied equipment for use in both onshore & offshore environments including ships, oil rigs, refineries & chemical facilities.

2/3 Pump Control Panels

All control panels comply with BS EN 61439-2.

Designed and constructed in accordance with Sewers for adoption, and designed to meet individual Water company specifications.

TCS installs a wide variety of 3rd party smart controller systems (e.g MultiSmart), Pulsar controllers or our own inhouse developed pump controllers based on PLC systems or simplified pump controllers based on enhancing VSD’s supplied with Intelligent Pump Control software.

These systems all offer the best of a pump controller, PLC and RTU (if required) with an intuitive user interface and provides a wealth of data to any SCADA system.

2 and 3 pump control panels can be supplied with:

  • Single or three phase starters
  • DOL, ASD, Soft Start or VSD Motor Starters
  • Relay or PLC control
  • RTU (Remote Terminal Unit) to interface with SCADA
  • Ultrasonic Level Controller