Committed to your privacy

Your trust is very important to us. So we want you to know that in advance of 25th May our privacy working practises policies have been reviewed and updated in line with relevant GDPR guidance.

How we collect your data
We only record client information for the purposes of discharging our responsibilities to support clients i.e. estimating, project/order completion, & pre/post-sales support. We do not purchase or sell contact details from 3rd parties.

Where do we store your data
We only record customer details on specific servers or CRM database(s). IT security and data storage are outsourced services provided by our long-term IT provider, who only uses data centres located within the United Kingdom.

For any GDPR related queries please email

Click below to view our full General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) policy.

Committed to your privacy

For security purposes, CCTV operates around the company premises. Your image may be recorded in and around our building which may also include your vehicle registration number when using our car park. The CCTV operates on a continuous loop, so all recorded images will be overwritten within 30 days of recording. Copies of CCTV images may be made if required by law or other legal proceedings and shared with the appropriate authorities where necessary.

In the interests of security and as required by our health & safety policies, all our visitors are required to sign-in when entering our company. We require an individual’s name, arrival & leave times and the person visited for the purposes of a visitors log. This information is required so:

  • We know who is on site for safety reasons i.e. roll call after building evacuation etc.
  • We can be sure who is authorised to be on site.

All visitors will be required to wear a badge number linked to their sign-in details to confirm they are authorised to be on our premises.

Sign-in details are kept no longer than 30 days unless required by law or any other legal proceedings.

Our works is a manufacturing facility with the normal associated hazards. To protect employees and other visitors who are attending to undertake any testing, configuration, maintenance, servicing, building/services survey or inspection on site, any person intending to undertake any works are required to read and sign the “Site rules for Contractors” policy available in reception. These records are then recorded and valid for 3-years before renewal is required.