MCC For The ODA Pumping Station

One of the earliest buildings to be completed on the London Olympic park, prior to the 2012 games, was the main sewer pumping station. Now known as Pudding Mill Pumping Station the building was to be circular in plan, a design intended to reflect the engineering used throughout London for tunnels and sewers – mostly out of sight below ground.

The main building is 20 metres in diameter which creates an interesting and unusual internal space to accommodate all the electrical and mechanical equipment, including 4 large variable speed drives. TCS and ROLLA, our enclosure supplier partners, considered various configurations for the Motor Control Centre, with the final one being to build a curved board to fit around the outside edge of the building. This maximised use of the available area, but created a challenge in how to make a variable speed drive MCC bend around a room.

The solution was to fit specially designed and built wedge shaped sections between each drive, creating the illusion of a curved board. These wedges carried the power bus-bars and control wiring between drive sections and were designed to ensure the completed board match exactly the diameter of the room. Each section was therefore easy to crane into position and the whole MCC was easily re-assembled on site.

Once built, the station was indeed one of the earliest projects to be completed on the site and is owned and operated by Thames Water.