We are pleased to announce that the company has achieved ISO 45001:2018 certification on the first attempt via the certification authority BSI. This completes the 3rd core compliance requirement set by the business, as we already held ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015 though BSI.

How has this been achieved?

From September 2018 TCS invested in a program of employee awareness training for a number of staff to ensure the demands of the new standard was understood by all departments.

This level of engagement encouraged all employees to suggest changes in infrastructure and/or working to comply with the new standard requirements. We then set about updating our IMS (Integrated Management Systems) before the stage 1 initial audit and again before the final stage 2 audit compliance by BSI.We are extremely happy to have passed stage 1 audit in January 2019 with the final certificate being issued by BSI during March 2019.